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Friday Feb 24, 2023

A short podcast on all the easy and little things we can do to lower our stress in these weird times. Basically everything I tell my clients over and over again.. haha 

Anxiety and how to deal with it

Saturday Jun 04, 2022

Saturday Jun 04, 2022

hope this helps. i talk about what it is, the types, what to do etc. it's also available as video on my youtube channel. thanks. 

Healing and Toxic people

Sunday May 15, 2022

Sunday May 15, 2022

Easy and chill podcast about everything spiritual. In this episode we get into what is healing, dealing with toxic people and some general questions from my instagram page. thanks and enjoy. 

Wednesday May 06, 2020

A short and hopefully helpful podcast about what to do when you don't feel well and you can't really explain why. I like to repeat things in my podcasts, so the info gets into your head and heart, but it's helpful and short and slightly funny. you can see me at my website Thanks and take care, Derek 

Monday Apr 13, 2020

In this episode I talk about how to identify your life purpose, how to pursue it and how there's a hidden other purpose that you need to connect with in order to have a successful life purpose life. (hint it's the soul purpose) And all of this in a plain and easy no bs style of course. Thanks for stopping by and happy listening. Derek 

Sunday Mar 15, 2020

life isn't easy sometimes and as we move through it, we pick up negative experiences and energy. these become trapped in our bodies and lead us to unhappiness and sickness. in this podcast I explain what the whole process is. AND how to release the negative energy as it pops up in us. after learning this, we now have a tool to help with this. personally, this technique has changed my life for the better and helped me to be happy. hope it helps you as well. thanks, Derek 

Wednesday Mar 11, 2020

In this quickie podcast, I wanted to answer some concerns I've been getting from clients etc. How long will this last, what can one do to be safe, what's the bigger picture from a channel perspective. That kind of thing. Thanks, Derek

Tuesday Mar 03, 2020

If you have ever wanted to start to explore or have a spiritual practice that leads to inner peace and happiness, this short easy podcast can help. In it I outline the three basic starting points based on years of helping clients as a spiritual guide. 

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